Protein Production

Large-scale recombinant protein production is becoming increasingly important for applications in the field of proteomics, structural biology and protein therapeutics. When large quantities of protein (from mg to g amounts) needs to be produced from either bacterial (e.g. Escherichia coli, Bacillus) or eukaryotic cell-based culture (e.g. yeast, mammalian cells), cells must be cultured in large volumes by the implementation of fermentation techniques. Fermentation can improve efficiency of protein productions by optimization of pH, O2, temperature and cell density.
Welgen can meet this production demand for large quantities of recombinant proteins. Our protein expression platform is equipped with a comprehensive series of bioreactors (from 5 L to 2000L fermenters), which can accommodate protein production projects at different scales, ranging from milligrams to hundreds of grams.

Creation of highly productive E. coli, Bacillus and Yeast StrainsOptimizing gene combined with optimized transfection, screening methods;
Engineered strains also improve protein characteristics;
Select highly productive clones.
Fermentation optimizationImprove media and feeding strategies;
Optimize growth and physicochemical conditions.

Bioprocess Scale-Up Facility