Lentivirus generated stable cell lines

Welgen’s proprietary lentiviral system is highly efficient to produce stable cell lines with any gene and any host cell, including mammalian primary cell. More copy number of the integrated gene via lentivirus-based method than that via DNA transfection method results in significantly improved efficiency of changing protein expression level.
Lentiviral transduction into host cells and screening for cell lines with permanent integration of DNAs into cellular genome results in higher efficient protein overproduction or gene silencing. Our fast and predictive screening techniques may significantly increase speed of stable cell line development while improving quality and uniformity. The process includes:

– Molecular construction of lentiviral vectors with inserts from gene synthesis or templates provided by clients;
– Lentivirus packaging and production;
– Lentiviral transduction of host cells;
– Selection of cell pool or screening for stable single clones;
– Validation of stable pool or single clones by qPCR or specific methods such as FACS; (Note: The standard method for validation is qPCR. Additional fee will be charged for Western blot or cell-based assay of your interest.)
– Batch culture and cell banking.

Service of clonal stable cell line generation using lentivirus includes:

a. Single cell cloning;
b. Detailed clone characterization (viability and cell growth);
c. Backup vial storage for 6 months.

a. 2 vials of the selected clone (5 million cells per vial);
b. Stable cell line development study report.

Fast turnaround: 12-14 weeks.

Service of cell pool generation using lentivirus includes:

a. 2 vials of the final pool (5 million cells per vial);
b. Cell pool generation study report.

Fast turnaround: 8-10 weeks.