Fiber-modified Ad5-RGD and Ad5/35 Virus Production

Ad5-RGD was modified with the introduction of an Arg-Gly-Asp (RGD)-containing peptide in the HI loop of the Ad5 fiber knob domain. The RGD-fiber modified Ad-RGD viruses have been extensively used to deliver genes into many cells and tissues, including primary bronchial epithelium, smooth muscle, endothelium, and macrophage and T cells.

Ad35 virus, which belongs to Adenovirus subgroup B, uses CD46 as a receptor. The Ad5/35 virus containing chimeric type 5 and 35 fiber proteins can infect CAR-negative cell lines and various human cell lines, such as macrophage cells, more effectively than Ad5 virus.

Welgen offers both fiber-modifed Ad5-RGD and Ad5/35 virus production for worldwide clients:

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ItemServiceEstimated Price*
SV1100Construct an Ad5-RGD or Ad5/35 virus (customer provides cDNA or RNAi)
SV3000Amplification and purification of adenovirus (3 ml, 1x10e12 vp/ml)
SV3010Amplification and purification of adenovirus (1 ml, 1x10e12 vp/ml)

* Final price determined by insert complexity, identity and size.